Monday, March 29, 2010

Central Canada Sectional Results, Fat Soda Rats, and a Bit O' Humble Pie

Top 31 Men & Women.  Hi Heather!  Hi Kat!

This weekend the Crossfit Central Canada qualifier went on in Edmonton; CFLA had three athletes attend (Carlee, Kris, and Heather) and both Kat and Chad from Action Conditioning, also.  The talent pool was as deep as an ocean, and ALL our athletes and friends did phenomenal!

A good breakdown can be found HERE.  Props to Heather for crushing her way to an amazing 2nd place finish, and Kris for the complete sneak attack 18th place, after deciding late to "just give it a shot, what the hell".  You crack me up Kris, you are a beast.  Also some huge props to Kat for an awesome 12th, who truly was a little girl at a big girl's weekend---just based on that picture alone.  Ok, time for me to go do some curls.  Wow.

David "MOAH" Muryn provided those of us not in attendance with some awesome Twitter updates...and from what I've read, I wasn't the only one on the end of my seat!!  Much appreciated, David.

Regionals are slated for May 29th-30th (which of course, the gods hate me, because I'm working again), so mark your calenders!

High-fructose corn syrup causes characteristics of obesity in rats: Increased body weight, body fat and triglyceride levels.

Department of Psychology, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08540, USA; Princeton Neuroscience Institute, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08540, USA.
High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) accounts for as much as 40% of caloric sweeteners used in the United States. Some studies have shown that short-term access to HFCS can cause increased body weight, but the findings are mixed. The current study examined both short- and long-term effects of HFCS on body weight, body fat, and circulating triglycerides. In Experiment 1, male Sprague-Dawley rats were maintained for short term (8weeks) on (1) 12h/day of 8% HFCS, (2) 12h/day 10% sucrose, (3) 24h/day HFCS, all with ad libitum rodent chow, or (4) ad libitum chow alone. Rats with 12-h access to HFCS gained significantly more body weight than animals given equal access to 10% sucrose, even though they consumed the same number of total calories, but fewer calories from HFCS than sucrose. In Experiment 2, the long-term effects of HFCS on body weight and obesogenic parameters, as well as gender differences, were explored. Over the course of 6 or 7months, both male and female rats with access to HFCS gained significantly more body weight than control groups. This increase in body weight with HFCS was accompanied by an increase in adipose fat, notably in the abdominal region, and elevated circulating triglyceride levels. Translated to humans, these results suggest that excessive consumption of HFCS may contribute to the incidence of obesity. Copyright © 2010 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Seems pretty damning, no?  There's some weak controls in the study, which I'm not about to pick apart, but what really irked me was this quote, taken from HERE:

The Princeton researchers note that they do not know yet why high-fructose corn syrup fed to rats in their study generated more triglycerides, and more body fat that resulted in obesity.

Ok, I'm not a Princeton researcher; hell, I'm not a researcher, period.  I'm some clown behind a computer who geeks out on this stuff.  But I've got two words to answer the why: Reactive Carbonyls.  The Princeton research article even alludes to it regarding bound vs unbound molecules.  "Reactive", being the unbound molecules.  Think of the single guy at a wedding in Mexico.  Yeah, reactive carbonyl.  Watch the train wreck happen!

There's an interesting twist, though; savvy readers out there might be saying "This is bullshit, Mike, even regular fructose creates reactive carbonyls."  Yeah, hold on to your hat there, hoss.  The reactive carbonyl content of ONE can of soda equates to FIVE times the level of reactive carbonyls in the blood of diabetics; HFCS containing juice (MmMMmm Sunny D! Child abuse, anyone?) is about 1/3 of soda.  Fruit?  You go look it up, smarty pants.  Actual fructose content, in it's beautiful naturally bonded form, is pretty low. 

Take home message?  Drink only water, coffee, tequila, tea, or wine.  And maybe not in that order.  Carbonated diet beverages?  I'd avoid 'em.  Phosphoric acid is uncool for ye' old bones, and seeing as how carbonation + HFCS = bad shit, who really knows what happens when you throw aspartame into the mix?  This doesn't even get into the cephalic insulin response of artificial sweeteners. 

Gotta eat a piece.  Or  face-full.
First, a recent WOD, then an explanation:

Monday, March 22nd, CFLA, 1PM
Clean & Jerk
95#x1,1,1 (Powerclean, Splitjerk)
195#x1,1,1 (no split jerk on any. Huh?  Easy to get under a few more ELL-BEEs when Everett is watching, I guess.)
215#x,0,0,0 LOL.  Greedy.  Almost had it, just dumping it at the bottom.
Hang Squat Clean
165#x3.  This is boggling to me, because it's actually pretty easy.  Weird.
Overhead Press (this is where humble pie comes in)
105#x3 (wanted 5, but no.  Weak!  I suck!)
130#x1 Huh.
135#x0, immediately followed by split jerk x3

  • It's time for me to eat humble pie.  I'll say it here, and I'll say it again:  ,I was wrong and my orthopedic surgeon was right.  My shoulder seems fine, albeit weak (kinda).  Perhaps a loud mouthed wanna-be athlete should leave the diagnosing of sports related injuries to actual orthos.  As much as I've tried to push the envelope and reproduce the pain, I can't.  So, humble pie for me, healthy shoulder for me, and apologies to my ortho.  Will the bursitis flair again?  Maybe.  But I'm a helluva lot more self-aware about my shoulder, and armed with some serious mobility and rehab tools now.
  • WTF is with my Hang Squat clean?  Seeing as how 165# is cake n' pie, why can I not get under 215#, let alone 225# or more?
  • There's a huge discrepancy between my overhead press 1RM, 3RM and 5RM.  I should be able to throw 120# for 3 and at least 110# for 5.  Happy I got 130# up, but seriously, wtf.
A few other wods sprinkled in after the 22nd, nothing too noteworthy.  Still getting over a cold I probably got after a brutal circuit WOD at the firehall, followed by a 7 hour fire at an ironworks foundry.  Immune system was probably in my boots after that.