Saturday, October 1, 2011

Joining OPT, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, & Positive Life Changes

Joining The Ultimate Team

So, this installment of Confessions is going to be about news...BIG news.  I've been saving it up as it's taken a while for ALL the pieces to fall into place (literally, for all three topics)

First off:  I am now a part of James "OPT" Fitzgerald's exclusive coaching team.  OPT Team Profiles 
Yes, I'll wait patiently as you attempt to pick your jaw up off the floor and madly scramble as your eyeballs roll down the hall.

How It Came All Together, aka Back Story:  I had been doing nutrition for a well known athlete named Steve Howell (HUGE thanks due---the sole reason I was put into contact with Steve was because of Jeremy Meredith, 2nd place finisher in Regionals in 2011 and owner of Crossfit Vernon)since before Canadian Western Crossfit Regionals.  Steve was following the OPT's Big Dawg programming and corresponding with James on a frequent basis; he had asked if it would be alright if he sent my nutritional advice to James for him to look at.

I said "...sure", with a bit of hesitation for a second...what if he thought it was total bullshit?  Then, the next second, I figured "Well, if it is, I'd sure like to hear about it from OPT".  James didn't respond back with much, other than comments like "Looks good/It's solid/Like the carbs".  He seemed happy, Steve was performing at n elite level and making awesome gains, so I was happy.

Jump forward to June; I'm happily working away with momentum gained from word of mouth, and one day I spot an email from James himself.  The title just read "Question".  I though "Oh fuck here we go, James is going to rip me apart for my programming with Steve".  Instead, he stated he was very impressed with my work, and wanted me to consider doing contract work for his exclusive remote clients, since he was overloaded.  He'd do the programming, I'd to the nutrition.  This is the point where *I* was picking up my jaw and looking for my eyeballs.  Over the summer James shot me his client profiles, I dialed nutrition, and he did programming.  I saw, and learned, a ton; he sees a diverse range of athletes from all over the world, and across all different types of athletics.

Jump forward to September; after a discussion about some business ideas, James offers me a spot with his exclusive coaching team.  Once again, blown away---I had some ideas brewing, but THAT wasn't one of them.  In fact, when I think about it, I'm still very stunned.  When Leighanne (Jame's wife and OPT business coordinator) popped my bio up, I shot a text to a good buddy.  I was like "holy shit dude I can't believe this!!"  His response?  "I can.".  One of the best compliments I think I ever got.

I have a TON of people to thank for helping me get to this point---you know who you are.  Being in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing the right way for the right people can make all the difference in the world. ;)

Oh, this is going to be ultra-geeky.  Giddyup.

Since I'm of the mindset that I actually have 48hrs in my 24hr day and my plate isn't full enough, I've decided to take on more education:  Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.  A while back I had started searching out another avenue to expand my knowledge; I sure as hell didn't want to go down the RD route, and in all honesty, a PhD in molecular biology really wasn't in the cards (Ha!).  I had been toying with the idea of a clinical nutritionist cert, but then James put me onto FDN.  I was skeptical at first (as always...).  I figured, though, James wouldn't waste my time, and if I was wasting my time, I'd also be wasting *his* time.  He put me in touch with Reed Davis out of San Diego, the founder of FDN, and after a lengthy phone convo I was convinced.  The combination of running functional (read: USEFUL) diagnostic lab values like cortisol, DHEA, hormone panels combined with sound nutritional advice and targeted supplementation just made sense.

I'm only a week into the course, but WOW, is it heavy, geeky, and awesome.  Let's just say I can't wait to apply this stuff in an athletic arena.  Guinea pigs, get ready! :)

Best News Of All!

Of course, best news for last:  My beautiful wife (pictured here at 34 weeks on our back deck.  Quit staring at my lawn.  I know it's awesome) is due at the end of the month!  Those that know me know this isn't "new" news, but it's worth announcing, nonetheless!  We'll be having a baby girl, and we have a name (and only we know it), and it'll be positively, massively, life-changing.  We are very excited/anxious/nervous, and it'll be a whole new world.

SO:  I'm still working for the fire department (and always will be, that's in my blood, and will be till I'm pushing daisies), still coaching at Crossfit Lethbridge, still running (being over-run?) Dynamic Nutrition, doing an intensive nutritional course, and now working with OPT. Where am I going to fit a baby into that?  Right at the top, yo.  Nothing else will take priority but my baby girl.  There's going to be some serious sleep deprivation and cortisol spiking, but my wife and I will adapt.  

If life wasn't a challenge, it wouldn't be any fun, would it?  ;)