Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beat To The Punch, Punched in the Back, and Teaching Future Cops How To Punch

How's that for a totally geeky title? There's a loosely-related story behind each line, I promise.

First off: I had a post planned for the future titled "Things I hate About Crossfit". I kid you not.

Now, before you freak out and think the CF Gods (whom, you will find out shortly, don't exist) will strike me down, a disclaimer: I've been a member of CFLA since it's inception, and was hunting for an affiliate long before that; I had been in contact with one of the owners prior to opening date. Since then, it's literally changed my life...the training, the community, the atmosphere. It rocks. I'm in 100x better shape than I had EVER been in in my 36 years on this planet.  I believe in the methodology.  So much so that I'm now a trainer at that very gym, which I feel very privileged about.  I now teach the concepts I learned to new clients.  THAT'S how I feel about Crossfit.  At OUR gym.  (<--that's a key concept.  I'd write that down, it may be on the test.)

So why the hate? Robb Wolf basically stole my thunder out from under me this morning, but all I could do was laugh and try to not spill my coffee. I'd have to say, for anyone who has any understanding of Crossfit, CF HQ, and the players involved, this is a "Must-Read":  Robb's post on the Black Box Summit (That's where Robb beat me to the punch, but it's only semi-related) When I first saw this seminar, I thought "Jesus-Mother-n-Joesph that would be epic!!". I had no idea of the epicness (Yeah, that's a real word, hoss.) Anyways, read that. Now.  Then ponder, dwell, mull it over.  Was I right?  Epic.

Power Cleans/Squat Cleans, CFLA, Sunday, Nov 22nd, 1PM.

135#x3 PC
155#x3 PC
175#x3 PC/PC/SC. This is where I get punched in the back. Another "twinge" along my right spinal erector. Uncool.
195#x0 Why? because I was mad. Got the damn thing about as high as my clavicles. Should have been easy, but I shouldn't have even tried.
205#x0 Didn't even pick it up. Swore and looked at it for a while. That's all.

My back has done this before, and it's not a big deal; what it IS is a sign I need to see my chiro.  Yeah, I know someof you think they are witch doctors and all that shit, but Dr. Chelsea rocks (Power Health).  We have an understanding:  I see her when I need to, and I know when I need to see her.  That would be now, since there's obviously an imbalance.  Maybe I'll post more about that in a Recovery-based blog post.

This is my first time NOT PR'ing during my self-programmed Strength Bias trial; as I may have stated, I've subbed OHP for cleans, because of my shoulder.  Probably NOT a good idea, for a couple of reasons:
  • Power cleans are technically a helluva lot harder than a simple movement like OHP
  • Even though there's upper body involvement, it's still a pulling movement all through.
  • Throw in a Squat Clean, and then there's pushing, but lower body/front squat style.
Anyways, I decided to finish off the workout with some strict weighted pullups.  Haven't done these in a million years.  Used a length of chain with a quick-link, and added plates as needed.  The chain just sits around the hips, and as hardcore as it looks, it's actually pretty comfortable.


No Metcon.  Sunday In was between nights.  Zombie-land, the land of heightened cortisol, sub-optimal testosterone, and chronic hypoxia.  Well, it just feels that way.   Itching for a good lung-burning metcon.  I think I'll crush myself with Death By Ten Meters sometime in the near future.  It's a date, honey!

Instead of Power Cleans (which I love doing), I should be doing more weighted pullups..  This is where I'm learning through self-experimentation, though.  I talked a bit with Ryno about this yesterday, and once my lifts all start stalling, I'm going to move into a higher rep range to work muscular endurance.  I'll REALLY have to consider my programming then, because that, coupled with metcons, will slay me.  I may have more insight into what my future training will (can) be---I get my MRI Arthrogram tomorrow.  Arthrogram?  They jam a big-ass needle into my shoulder and pump it full of radio-opaque dye, and then do a standard MRI.  Good times.

I'm helping Cory and Heather do a couple of seminars for the Criminal Justice students over at LCI today (this is wear I'm teaching future cops how to punch.  Kinda.  Well, not really...maybe just harder.); I was asked to help, which is really cool, because I love doing this kind of stuff.  It's mostly just an intro into why Crossfit is tailor made for Police/Miliatry personnel, and running the students through a typical WOD.  I'll breifly relate my experiences with Crossfit and firefighting, and help out during the workout.  I thought about distratcing Cory with a extra-large pizza and then locking him out of the class while I tear into my nutrition lecture, but then decided against it.  :)