Tuesday, June 7, 2011

20 Not-So-Random Points of Awesomeness

So to deviate from my typical trifecta format, I thought I'd just throw down some no-quite-random cool stuff, and in no particular order.  Lots of linky-links, so consider this Mike's version of "Rest Day" reading material, minus the political bullshit and pseudo-wannabe-cerebral totally ghey articles. 

1) Silver Patron Tequila: Seeing that's it's summer (well, somewhere), this is the drink of choice, and for good reason; it's a plant based distilled liquor with no dietary offenders (alcohol aside).  Made famous because it's just plain awesome, and even more so from Robb Wolf, via the soda/lime/tequila combo of the NorCal margarita.

2) PubMed:  A free online database from the United States National Library of Medicine.  It's quick.  It's easy.  It's geeky.  Type shit in, and get study abstracts back.  Do it while drinking a Norcal, and you're even cooler, 'cause you're getting drunk and smart as the same time.  

3) Snatch Balance:  One of the best transfer exercises to the Olympic snatch.  But please, if you plan on doing this, use a snatch grip (because it is a transfer exercise to the snatch.  There's an echo in here.)  Big yellow boobs don't omit you from this rule, even if you have an impressive snatch...balance.  :)

4) Volbeat:  This is what you get when you cross Metallica with the Rockabilly-style genre, and pop it down in Denmark.  Watch, listen, and enjoy:

5) SuperCentarians: What do you get when you cross someone over 110 and still in good health with a high degree of function?  A supercentarian.  Fuck super heroes, I want to be a supercentarian!

6) Rehband Knee Sleeves: I don't lift a ton of weight.  I don't weigh 70's big.  But holy shit do I ever love these sleeves.  My knees feel physically better after any sort of squat session, and mentally I'm confident I'm not going to blow a fucking kneecap across the gym.  More importantly, I need knees to be a supercentarian.

7) Crossfit Lethbridge at the Canada West Regionals: We had 6 athletes from our gym qualify and compete in the Regionals, with two placing top-5.  Is that badass?  Yes, it's baddass.

8) Google Reader: There's a boatload of great information out there in cyber-space; unfortunately, there's an unfathomable amount of trash to go through in the digital universe before you get to it.  Find a page you want to view again?  Subscribe to it via Google Reader.  Then deal with the issue of having too much good stuff to read later.

9) Catalyst Athletics: The mastermind of Greg Everett, who also publishes The Performance Menu.  I can't say enough good things about the information Greg offers.  Nearly everyday he pops up a "Collected Training" video, which is a goldmine of visual technical proficiency in Oly lifting.

10) Caffeine: You knew I'd post at least SOMETHING about it.  It's awesome, that's why.

11) Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast:  There's a million podcasts out there.  Why would I listen to a endurance-base podcast from a triathlete?  Ben puts out some fairly sound info, I have endurance athletes as clients, and he does a pile of research for the questions he's asked.  While he's a triathlete, he also has competed in bodybuilding, and has solid credentials.  A nice break from Paleo-ville.

12) Pride Fighting Championship:  Some great things are not meant to last---Pride FC was one of them.  Without waxing and waning on about the good and bad, just watch this phenomenal highlight vid from Robert Park:

13) Cutting Down On Carbs for the General Public:  Has the general public finally got it?  I completely doubt it, and since the mass media fucks everything up, I'm not holding my breath.  But godamn, if this doesn't give a guy a bit of hope.

14) Bacon Explosion:  Wow.  Just...wow.

15) Blair Morrison: If there was ever an inspiring face for a Crossfit billboard, it'd be Blair.  But what *I* like most is his attitude and philosophy on and about fitness.  He's put up some pretty cool vids on his blog about training outdoors.  Here's the latest vid from Crossfit sponsor Reebok:

16) Annie Thorisdottir: Just like caffeine, it's addictive, too much will kill you, not enough will make you feel like crap, and it's powerful.   I'm sure Reebok has a highlight reel brewing for AnnieT, but in the meantime, there's this:

17) Inov8 Running Shoes:  Super light, flat, and just damn awesome.

18) Elevate Me Bars: Most bars are shit.  These are not.  While none will come even close to the quality of real whole food, these are pretty damn good.  Whey protein isolate as the first ingredient?  Organic fruit?  I'm in.
19) iPhone 4:  No joke here.  An item of awesomeness?  No kidding!  I seriously get more shit done, have been thee most organized ever in my whole life, and stay connected with peeps easier and faster than ever. 

20) Dynamic Nutrition, or a.k.a "Finally getting your shit together and getting serious about what you are doing to your body".  Yes, I'm pimping myself out on my Not-So-Random list of things and people that are awesome.  Want to be Blair?  Want to be Annie?  Want to be a SuperCentarian?  Your nutrition is one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle.

Random Training

I freely admit not taking my own advice; since the end of the CF Open, I have not faithfully tracked every single workout, even with my fancy-shmancy iPhone.  That being said, I've done some interesting WODs, thanks to the likes of CoryG and Jake:
May 15th, Firehall#1
5 Rounds
250m row
20# med ball situp
55# DB Swing
30# DB Push Press
Done in a circuit with 3 other guys; reps were based on how long it took the firefighter on the rower to row the 250.  Nice lil' Saturday burner.

May 16th, CFLA
Experimental Test WOD#1
For Time
1-10 ladder
1 Squat Clean to thrusters to back squat to rack jerk 95 lbs
1 Burpee
2 Squat Clean Complex, 2 Burpee, 3 Squat Clean complex, 3 Burpee, etc.
25+ min.  This was brutal and nasty, and I was literally sick for almost 2 weeks following this.  Will do again, for sure.

May 28th, CFLA
Throwdown Series WOD #4
AMRAP 9min
3 HSPU (3" Deficit)
6 Squat Snatch (95#)
9 Pullups
For your viewing pleasure: Mike vs Jason

May 30th, CFLA
"Jacob's Ladder"

1-10 Ladder for time
Burpee C2B Pull Ups
Overhead Squat 105/75
13:11; I need to re-do this, as I used a lower pullup bar, which pretty much eliminated the "jump" in the burpee.  Awesome wod, though, created by fellow CF'er Jake.

June 2nd, CFLA
Experimental Test WOD #2
4 Rounds For Time
135# Zercher Walk, 50'
135# Zercher Walk, 50'
20 GHD situps
40 DUs
Abs are still sore as of June 7th.