Sunday, April 7, 2013

Crossfit Circus Was in Town, Labs Review, Seminar Update

                                                       Anyone Remember "The Running Man"????   Tell me you DON'T see the similarities...

So the Open was here and gone.  Another year, another bazillion people taking part in the Sport of Fitness  All in all, it seemed to go off without a hitch.  That said, as I sit here, slightly sleep deprived, slightly under-caffeinated, I'm 50/50 on my thoughts...I'm not going to break down the workouts like energy-system Jedi Master Mike FitzGerald has.  I just want to spew forth some random points.
  • I took part; I did well, for me.  Currently sitting around 222 (correction, 407.  Boo!  fucking boo for late entries!) in Canada West.  I didn't compete last year, so it is what it is.  I have my weaknesses, have my strength, and that's between myself and my Coach to fix.
  • I'm gunning for the 40-44 category; I turn 40 in Oct, would like to place top 10 next year.  Wait...what's that?  A noisy herd of seals?  No...I think it's the armchair crowd laughing.  Ha!  We'll see.  I have high hopes.
  • 12.4/13.2:  Lack of creativity, bad.  Re-testing a previous workout, good.  Did not matter one iota to me, as I didn't do any of the Open in 2012.  <shrug> I liked it, 246, should have had 250+.
  • 13.5:  The buildup to this made me vomit, and it had nothing to do with lactate.  Castro, looking eerily like Damon Killian from "The Running Man", built up 13.5 to be something "Crossfit Has NEVER SEEN".  OMGodzorz!  What could it be???  Rotational movement?  Fuck no.  Let's get that old worn out and dried up bitch Fran out of the closet, since we literally can't think outside the box.
  • "Bloodbath".  Nice.  Once again, I'll refer you to the show-down-to-the-death Running Man comparison.  Sure, last workout before the Open is done---LET'S FUCK UP OUR BEST ATHLETES.   I realize that the "Sport" of fitness is turning into more entertainment than test, but some of this shit makes me laugh out-the-fuck-loud it's so over the top.
Circus in town?  What kind of (non)functional fuckery is going on here?  Jesus. 

One thing that remains constant, & never varied:  Trust HQ to pull weird shit out of their ass when you least expect it.

Lab Review: Super Busted


  • 34 y/o male, Regionals Competitor in 2012.
  • 5"9, 190, 6% BF.  This is what's called "fucking jacked"
  • Cortisol:  Severe Adrenal dysfunction, both at the HPA and localized level.  What's the diff, you ask?  You can have athletes with localized adrenal dysfunction (right AT the adrenal glands) that still have good hormonal secretion, namely, progesterone.  Progest is-a-knockin', but the adrenals say "Go to hell, I'm not playing today"  This athlete has both at the severe level.  With 6.5nM/L in the AM, I don't know how he got out of bed.
  • DHEA:  In. The. Tank.  Severe pregnenolone steal occurring.
  • Estrogens:  Fine, no concerns.
  • Progesterone:  Disregard the "Male" range---this is where just looking at reference ranges will put you in the same category as other mindless sheep, and make some fucking lame diagnosis, OR not make the proper one.  One of the biggest indicators of the ability to create cortisol is an athletes progesterone status.  In this case, buddy has no cortisol building blocks.  Playtime is over, go the fuck to bed.
  • Melatonin:  Severe gut issues.  Now, I ask you this:  Is this mediated by a food intolerance, OR, is this training induced, secondary to severe overtraining?  Hmm.  HMMM.  Go get a cup of coffee, and think on that for a while.
  • Test:  Amazingly, pretty damn awesome still.  BUT---a "relative" low.  63.4pg/mL but give some serious wood and get-up-and-go to a sedentary 60 year old desk-slaver, but for this athlete, this is considered low.  Remember:  Every value has to be taken into consideration to WHOM you are testing. 
Treatment In my next blog post, I'll review the retest labs + protocol we used to successfully get this athlete back to life.

Seminar/Instruction Update

Since my last post, I've hit a few more places, and have some dates coming up:
  •  Feb 2nd I was at CF Vo2Maxx in Grande Prairie---jumped on my plane mere hours after an epic housefire battle coming off nightshift.  I ran on pure adrenaline and coffee for a few days, and Brett & Janine were great hosts.  Tight gym up there!!
  • Presented my Nutrition 101 & 201 to Pure Fitness, Red Deer, Feb 17th, which is the home of Jason MacDonald & Steve Bergeron.  Had a great turnout, lots of good questions as always.
  •  End of Feb I was back in Scottsdale, AZ at Optimum Performance Training's International Center For Fitness teaching the CCP Nutrition.  This differed from Sept 2012 in the fact that Mat Lalonde wasn't there---so James and myself had two full days with the coaches.  I loved this as I love to present, and the feedback from the coaches was excellent.  On the downside, I never got to have lunch with Mat, and watch him mangle a raw avocado on the patio of Whole Foods as Volvo-driving soccer moms looked on in horror.
  • Apr 27th I'll be heading up to Okotoks, Alberta to Natural High Crossfit to present my 101 & 201.  This is the home of Dan Rogers and former Lethbian (wtf, is that even a word?) Kris "Freight Train" Fraser.  I'm looking forward to this, and big manly brohugs from Kris.
  • Sept 2013:  Washington, DC for the OPT CCP Nutrition course.  This is top secret still, so Shhh.  Since it's east coast, I'm hoping James will pull Mat in for a live appearance, so I can witness more of his primal avocado assassinations.