Monday, December 7, 2009

Books, Books, Books, and More Books.

 Some of the pages from my library that are applicable to this blog; some are out on loan, and some are MIA.  Click the image for a close up.

For the record, if anyone wants to borrow one, by all means, just ask.

Today, I'm looking for recommendations from YOU---what book have you read in the recent past that you gained some enlightenment from?  Which book did you have an "ah-ha!" moment?  Which author do you frequently return to for more information?

Post your recommendations to comments.

CFLA, Dec 7th, 1PM.

Power Clean/Squat Clean/Hang Power Clean

Don't ask why I chose this complex; it just kinda of happened that way.  Today's M.E.B.B (Max Effort Black Box, programming done by a guy named Mike Rutherford) wod included a 3-3-3-1-1-1 Hang Power Clean, so I kinda stole the rep scheme from there.  The complex, though, just happened.

95#x3 (PC/SC/HPC)
175#x3 (Hard to hang power clean this.)
195#x0, x0, x1.  Fyfer was working out at the same time as me, and starting giving me royal shit for missing this.  To quote him "How damn high do you want that bar, Mikey??!??  JESUS, just clean it already".  Well put, Coach Fyfe.  After some inspiring profanity and technique tweaking, I PC'd this up.
205#x1, squat clean, and fairly easy.  I'll take it!  Hooray for a PR.  Thought about 215#, and then thought wisely.  Get a PR,  stop.  Don't be greedy.


Pullup/Pushup Ladder, 10-1

10 Pullups, 1 Pushup
9 Pullups, 2 Pushups
8 Pullups, 3 Pushups
So on and so forth until I reach 1 Pullup and 10 Pushups.  That's 55 of each for the math whizes out there.
4:14.  Went faster than I thought, left shoulder aching by the end, though.  Gotta keep the elbows at 90 degrees max, or it screams like a cold engine at -25 Celsius.

I see the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow.  Nervous?  Hell yes.