Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stop The Insanity, Printer Rage, and a few WODS

Well, more breaking news from the frontlines of World War Crossfit:  Robb Wolf Update

   We received communication last night from CF Legal that our affiliate license was to be terminated today. Greg Everett (Catalyst Athletics) received the same notice.

I think everyone saw this coming after the Black Box Fiasco, but it just boggles my mind.  Two of the most knowledgeable guys EVER regarding nutrition and Olympic lifting were basically canned from Crossfit.   Both have been 100% dedicated to training people properly, and 100% dedicated to not conforming to a single system, and utilizing EFFECTIVE techniques.  That last sentence speaks deep, deep volumes about what's going on.  Expect more on this in Part 2 of Things I Hate About Crossfit

Also, on a semi-related note, James Fitzgerald of Optimum Performance Training has put out his own certification process.  Now this isn't insanity, it's just pure awesomeness.  I can't deny the fact I've already looked into this for myself.

2010 is going to see a LOT of changes for the Crossfit community as we know it.

So one of the tasks on my "honey-do" list (these seem to exist only on my days off, oddly enough) was to print out the Christmas letter Tam had written last night, and mail it to about 30 friends/family members. Easy enough, no? No. Why?

I ended up in a fistfight with my printer. Actually, it went like this: It started talking smack to me, I tried to reason with it, and in self defense, I Brock Lesnar hammerfisted it, and then à la Matt Hughes-style, slammed it to the ground in our office.  The resulting mess of ink and blood (I told you it was self defense) left me smiling, to say the least.  The rest of the afternoon was a mad dash to get copies made and mailed prior to the 4PM deadline.

New OPT Training Logbook.  Organization to the nth degree

Recent Workouts
Dec 15, CFLA, 8PM
1RM Squat Clean

Huge PR night for everyone at the 5 and 6PM classes; I wanted to carry over that positive energy into a PR for myself, but it wasn't in the stars that night.
95# x complex I made up (High hang, mid hang, full squat clean) x3
205#x1 Caught low resulting in a shitty rack, but easily squatted out of it.
220#x0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0........damnit.  Got too damn greedy with a 15# jump.  Must have screamed at the bar for 30 minutes.  Tried for 210# after this, no dice.  Just bagged mentally and physically from too many (counter-productive) attempts at 220#

I have to take pause and realize, though, where I am now vs just a few months ago; at one time, 165# was tough.  Just a month ago, 195# was near impossible.  A few weeks ago?  205# was my bane.  Serious gains have been made, and I have to remind myself of that.  I had a goal of 225# clean for 2009, so I'm pretty happy where I'm at.  Might take another shot at this around the 23rd.

3 rounds for time:
500m row, 12 BW deadlifts (165#), 21 Box Jumps
9:41.  Not a bad time, per se, but I was surprised at how thrashed my deadlifts were from cleans.  After a 1RM attempt at anything, I always feel "good", as in, not gassed, but it quickly becomes apparent just how much a max effort fatigues oneself.  I think fresh I could bust the 9 minute barrier.  Goal for 2010.

Dec 17th, CFLA, 11AM

Decide to push the envelope, so to speak, with my shoulder, and join in an actual group WOD, with Coach Brandt and the 11AM crew.  Black Kat joined in since she slept in and was feeling under the weather.  I actually thought the stars might be aligned properly for me to hand her her ass in a WOD.  Yeah, not really.  Even handicapped with freakin' H1N1 she can wipe the floor with me.

20 Rounds For Time
3 Burpees
5 Squats.
6:43.  Shoulder felt shitty in the warmup, ok in the WOD.  About 5 seconds out I realized I wasn't going to catch Kat, illness or not.  Girl is too damn fast, and I've always been proud of my burpee speed.  Wacked the jewels hard around round 9 or so---in this regard, I miss the 'ol soft turf of the baseball academy. 

Strict Pullups


Weaker than Nov 22nd, when I pulled 75#x3; wouldn't think that a few burpees would do anything to gas me here, but who knows.  Talked about various grips with Kat after---going to try a little n=1 experiment where I AMRAP my pullups with a "thumbs-over" grip, and then a week or so later, so a "thumbs-wrapped" grip.  Should be interesting.