Friday, November 6, 2009

Catch-Up WODs and FUBAR'd Comments

So, my comments still seem to be FUBAR'd; I've tried to fix the problem myself to no avail, and I haven't heard back from Intense Debate.  The issue seems intermittent, as I thought it was fixed with my "Test Comments Post".  Whatever.  If you click on the datestamp, the ID comment box pops up. Or it might be there already. Or not.

Nov 3rd

Hang Power Clean 5-5-5-5-5

After teaching 5,6, and 7PM, I had to hit this up.  Worked up to 185#, which I was damn happy with.  Not that long ago, I couldn't even squat clean this for 1.  My strength hasn't gone up that much, so I'm assuming my technique is getting better.

No metcon; by the time I was done BS'ing with Nunzy, it was about 8:30, and I was done the cleans at 9.

Nov 4th

Nada.  Feeling trashed from my front squat PR and metcon debauchery.  Had a few beers with a buddy, and gave myself insomnia.  Nice.  Not really.

Nov 5th


275#x3 switched to mixed grip
355#x3 Pure 10lbs greedy-ass PR SWEETNESS.  Actually, this is still lower than where I should be, but I'm happy with it, and I'll take it.  With 385# being my 1RM back in May, I don't know if I'll hit 412.5lbs by Dec. (2.5x BW).


3 Rounds for Time of:
20 Pullups
20 Pushups
20 Box Jumps
20 Situps

9:30.  Some dude rolled in at exactly 1:34 into my WOD, asking about the previous renters and wanting to recharge the fire extinguishers that we, uh, don't have.  Christ, I should know better.  No, not about the fire extinguishers, but more important shit like LOCKING THE DAMN DOOR when I'm about to start a metcon by myself.  You'd have think I learned my lesson when Jacob Hoffer and his Hutterite Brethern walked in, all wide eyed, on me 4 rounds into a Cindy.  No, this ain't the colony boys, and I don't sell fencing material.

So, I ended up doing an extra 20 pullups, pushups, and a few box jumps.  Time could have been way lower; I never really get a good feel for a metcon these days, since in some form or another, I'm pre-fatigued from lifting.  Really, though, my focus is strength' these metcons are for maintenance, not PR'ing anything.  I would like to go back and re-do these fresh later on, just to see the difference.

Pullups were ok, but the bar felt like 4" thick pipe.  Grip was awful.  Situps were making the coffee in my stomach slosh like the Perfect Storm, and a trucker in the back alley witnessed the Perfect Hurl, post wod.  I don't think he was about to sign up for Fundamentals anyways, so it's all good.  Box jumps felt actually....good.  Odd. 

Today has been a huge waste of time waiting around for the carpet cleaners, and I have to get my H1N1 shot, so I may or may not get into the gym.  Since everything from my biceps down hurts, I'd like to see what kind of thrashing I can give myself with Push Jerks.