Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day, PRs, and more Paleo

I'm not going to say a lot about Remembrance Day, but I'd like to share a quote that I thought sums it up best and does a damn good job of shutting people up when they get on their political soapbox:
If you aren't willing to stand behind our soldiers, are you willing to stand in front of them??

Nov 10th, #3 Firehall

Sprint intervals on the treadmill, 9x9x9 fashion.  This would be a warmup of around 5 minutes, slowly increasing to an easy 7mph pace, then doing 9 sets of sprint intervals at 9mph at 9% grade.  Sprints last roughly 45 sec, give or take.  Longer at the start, shorter at the end.  And I actually have less space to workout in than the picture at the right.  But it's better than nothing.

Nov 11th, Crossfit Lethbridge

Low Bar Back Squat

95# x10
135# x5
285#x3, 10lb PR, and felt great on it;  Ref Oct 24th, 275#x3


5 Rounds for Time:

15 BW deadlifts (165#)
30 Double Unders

9:36.  Had to fractionate the DLs, as I thought my back would start on fire.  And that would be bad, since we don't have any fire extinguishers.  Ha!

Took a pic of a fleeting Sweat Angel; took 9:36 to make, and only a minute to disappear.  For the record, my head isn't the size of a tennis ball, and my traps ain't that big.

Last Night's dinner:

Exotic Ginger-Cummin Chicken with a simple mixed green salad like the previous night.  The chicken is even better the NEXT day, as the spices potentiate.  That means "get stronger" in English.

All those books and papers in the left corner?  Workin' like a mad dog on the Nutrition Seminar for LCI.  Super stoked about it, and fairly happy with my progress both on the Power Point and my notes.  The Power Point is mostly just for images and topic header slides, since I'd like to slap down most of the info on a white board, a la Robb Wolf style.

Working nightshift the next two nights, then I'm off to Edmonton with Tam for the weekend.